Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Bounce Back

It's amazing how resilient kids are. My own daughter is no exception.

We had a chat yesterday, her and I, about swimming. She doesn't want to do it. Some reasons she shared with me ... like the time commitment (every day after school plus two swim meets a week) and the fact that she is intimidated by the kids.

No amount of begging or pleading could sway her. Alright, I didn't beg and plead. I pushed and pushed and then gave her the I'm "horribly disappointed" speech. I'm pretty sure I made her cry. Her parting words were "stop it" before she slammed the car door.

I came home, angry, disconnected the Internet on her computer (thinking if I don't get what i want, she doesn't get what she wants), I probably said a few swear words over it. Maybe had a tantrum of sorts.

Then I got over it. I reconnected the Internet and felt bad for being hard on her.

Parenting is like being on a see-saw. I hate it sometimes.

I just want my oldest to succeed in life. She has so many opportunities to achieve and yet she passes them by because she is afraid. Its tough to watch. I know that drawing a line in the sand isn't the tact to take and that encouragement is the best route.

But it's so sssssssllllllllloooooowwwwwww.

I came home last night and figured she would be hiding in her room. Sulking. (Sort of like me yesterday) Instead she said hello. Played with the baby, sat next to me and chatted all through dinner. It's like our morning conversation never happened.

She'll probably be discussing it with her therapist someday.

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Sassy said...

At least you tried! I wish someone would have pushed me to do things when I was a child, but nobody cared.

My niece takes guitar lessons. When the time came for her to actually perform with a band, she didn't want to. Because she was shy, and afraid. So my sister told her if she wasn't going to perform in the band, she had to stop the lessons all together. She wasn't moving forward, and she wants my niece to succeed. My niece has been performing for a year now, she isn't shy like she used to be, and she loves it! She has fun.

I know what you were trying to do. If she discusses this with a therapist one day, it will be in a good way. lol But let me tell ya, with a mother like you, I don't think she will need a therapist at all!