Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I almost hit a kid today. It was just about dark. I was turning onto my street. The baby was fussing in the back. My son, sitting in front, had eye watering armpit smell emanating from him.

To say I was distracted is a HUGE understatement.

There was a van in front of me, it went straight when I turned left. They were in the crosswalk. Two boys on bikes. No helmets. Wearing dark colors. One of them kept going. The other one stopped and stared ... at my bumper for a couple seconds before pedaling on.

Thank God, I saw them at the very last second.

Thank God, I just had my brakes done on Friday.

Thank God, the Jeep stopped.

Thank God, I didn't hurt anyone.

Thank God. Thank God. Thank God.


Sassy said...

Thank God!

Anonymous said...


I can sense your relief all the way over here.

I'm glad too.