Monday, November 24, 2008

A Rare Sighting

So I ended up wearing all black Saturday night. As you could guess from my post, I was a little anxious about going and what I would wear and all that. It only took three, four, five, maybe ten wardrobe changes to figure out what I was comfortable in. I am all too familar with the all eyes on you as you walk in.

Once that was done I needed to figure out the whole shoe thing. My friend had suggested flats because there would be lots of dancing.

Did I listen to her? Umm hell no. I wore my cute Nine-West 2inch heels. I have a love/hate relationship with those shoes. I love how they look but I hate how they feel after I've been wearing them.

Let alone dancing. Oh and walking even.

We ended up going to a sports bar, to see a live band play. My friend considers herself a groupie and after spending the night watching the show with her, I can see why. As soon as we get there, she introduces us to the band.

This is the lead singers wife. She made sure she got pictures of EVERYONE on the dance floor. I would like to say that I escaped but sadly, because we were new and thanks to my friend there are many pictures of us. Soon to be put up on their website.

Here is the lead singer. He rocked. I loved that he used a cordless microphone and during all the different songs, he would walk out among everyone in the audience. He came over to visit me and my man SEVERAL times. Calling us virgins. He also made sure he danced with my friend and shook hands with everyone. It was very cool.

This is a band that plays cover tunes. They did songs from Godsmack, Rage Against the Machine, Breaking Benjamin, Korn and Disturbed to name a few. They had a killer sound system, lighting and a tech guy who helped with it all.

Everyone got into it. I was enjoying myself so much that I got up and danced ALOT. It was wonderful until I took that last trip to the bathroom and lost my footing on some uneven floor.
I knew as soon as I stepped and began to loose my balance that it was going to get ugly. There was a group of drunk girls all in a circle that I was trying to walk around. I wasn't looking at the floor, so I didn't see the step up for the handicap ramp.
All I can say is thankfully I was able to fall against the wall and save myself somewhat. And luckily I didn't break the heel of my shoe.
Grace I am not.

Here I am, ready for my night out.



Sassy said...

Awww look at you! So pretty!

That band sounds awesome, and it's my kind of music! I would have been right there with you rockin out with the crowd!

Glad you had fun =)

Amy said...

You are so beautiful, Mig!!! I love it!! Glad you had so much fun!! glad you showed us pics, too!!