Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not Necessarily The News

I let my son walk home today. From school. By. Himself. No need to worry here (picture me breathing heavily into a paper bag) except he didn't call me when he got home. I figured all was well when I came home and found the downstairs door open. When I inquired as to why he didn't follow through on my instructions? His answer was that his sister doesn't like him using her phone.

Too bleepin' bad I say. When I say call, I mean CALL.

We are clear on that now. And his teeth? While still very sore, he seems to be, shall we say, handling it better today.

Thank heaven.

I volunteered after work at a flu shot clinic. The town offers free shots to the elderly. The nurses? Can't wait to stick ya. I was asked no less than three times if I had my shot yet. I finally relented. It was free after all. I am not even going to complain about how my arm hurts now. Nope.

Tonight there was a controversial committee meeting. Notice how I am not there? This meeting was with the elected officials and it involved that report I didn't understand a few weeks ago. I love public access TV. I'm sitting here blogging and staying involved all at the same time. Phoning it in aside ... of course ... ahem.

The Library just sent a book I've been waiting for that was on hold. I only had a half hour between work and the flu shot thing BUT I made sure five minutes of that time was spent at the Library springing the book. My kids don't get why I enjoy biography's. To them reading about someone elses life is boring. Not to me.

We are trying to conserve energy in our house this winter. I've been vigilant at keeping the thermostat at 60 degrees. People? Even with some strategically placed electric heaters, this is freaking cold. I might have to rethink this when the outside temperature drops below 20.

The baby is slowly but surely picking up my catch phrases. This is not a good thing. TRUST ME HERE. I was behind a guy this morning that took freaking FOREVER to take a right. I was just about to say something when from the back seat ... I heard this ...

"GO! Dude."

If that isn't cute enough? Everyday when we come home, the neighbor's dogs run to the see thru chain link fence and bark at us. I loathe it. Today, the baby, with the appropriate hand gesture (pointing, people, not the finger) said this ...

"Shut Out!" Sooooo close to being the right thing to say. I quickly corrected her to say "Hush" instead.

Geeze. Good thing I'm trying not to use my potty mouth these days.

In closing ... I have had no work in the evening for the past two weeks ... and let me tell ya ... I could totally get used to it. Too bad we need the money.


Amy said...

Goooo Duuuuuuddee!!! I love it!!

Glad to hear DJ is at least doing a little bit better!!

And hey, money is overrated. Time with family? precious.

jenny said...

Sixty degrees? That's not too bad...we've yet to use the heat and it's usually about 57-58 when we get up and I refuse to get the woodstove going before work/school. It is kind of chilly but it's cheap! And the kids get moving faster :)

Sassy said...

LOL @ at the baby. That is too cute!

I got a flu shot last year, for the first time arm hurt for a few days!

I should become a nurse. Sticking people sounds like fun with the mood I'm in today. haha