Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Moving On

Alright, so as I head into my Thanksgiving Holiday, I know two things are certain.

1) My family is going to drive me INSANE. And.

2) We are going to be eating TWO Thanksgiving dinners.

I am not going to complain here. I am instead going to state that we are blessed. Blessed with my parents who are going to pay our way to a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at the local restaurant (I mean who cares that this is the SIXTH year eating at the same place) where we will all indulge in appetizer, entree and dessert wherein the baby will cutely smear butter into the linen tablecloth.

Then, approximately two hours later we will be attending a Thanksgiving dinner put on by my wonderful Brother In Law, who cooks very ritzy gourmet food. There will probably be caviar and most certainly there will be expensive wine. I will hope that he has the good graces to NOT MENTION the fact that he is INDEED going to give money to my Sister-In-Law so that she can handle her pressing situation that will greatly affect her health. ~jabs fork in eyes here~

I'm just exhausted typing it. But I am GRATEFUL. I do realize I could have worse problems.

I just have to get through one more day at work. And while I am not going to blog here about my job and the fact the it is all MEN and three out of the five I work with were INCREDIBLY CRANKY today. One in particular had issues with me. (like issues with something that happened last week that I thought we had moved past, but apparently NOT) I CHOOSE to be GRATEFUL to have a job so I did my best to just trudge on.

By trudge on, I mean, leave early and go for a cut and color at my salon. Nothing says you are a team player, like getting the HECK out of mantown and running for cover. Hey I'm a girl, I'm allowed.

I am also GRATEFUL that tomorrow is the last day of the week and that there will be FOUR WHOLE DAYS OFF for me after that.

Turkey Day, Black Friday, Parade Day and Decoration Day. The weekend is looking good!

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