Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm almost over the near miss from the other day. Just a few more xanax and I'll be good as new. Seriously? I keep thinking about it. That whole coulda thing, has been lingering.

Nothing the weekend can't resolve, I AM SURE.

For whatever reason, this week has been EXHAUSTING. I haven't had my usual evening work meetings, so it's not that. I totally skipped out on my controversial committee meeting this week, so it's not that.

I guess all those sleep deprived days are catching up with me and by 8 PM every night this week I can barely keep my eyes open. If nothing else, I'm catching up on my beauty rest. I hope.

Just have to get through today. FRIDAY! Yipee!

This weekend, I have no plans. Okay, scratch that. No plans YET. I am hoping to do some clean up in the yard because seeing all those leaves everywhere is making my face tic. I was walking around the yard with the dog last night and it looks to me like "someone" put a big pile of branches behind my garage. Granted we have had a couple good wind storms but these would appear to be purposely placed in a pile.

I looked around to see if someone was messing with me. I asked everyone in the house if they happen to .. you know ... make up a pile of sticks behind the garage. Heh.

So WTF? My little old lady neighbor decided to throw them over the chain link? I can't quite figure it out but I'm pretty sure that I am annoyed by it.

Makes me want to gather up some dog poo and return the favor ....

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