Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Poke This

Oh how I miss you all in blogland. I'm here for like five minutes in total and then I have to get the three chitlins ready for their day.

I've been working and working and working and it sucks. The good news?

Is tonight I'm not working, like AT ALL. So I will put up the birthday pictures and do a recap of the day. It'll be cute, you will see.

One pressing matter I have going on is with my teenager. In her Science class (which I thought up until yesterday it was her math class, I have no idea why) there is a BOY. Ok, well there are probably many boys. But there is one BOY in particular that is acting weirdly toward her.

Thankfully, she tells me all about it, in great detail.

So she mentions how she doesn't understand this boy who sits behind her in class. She doesn't know his name, from what I can tell she isn't interested in knowing his name either. But she does tell me she thinks he's a grade ahead of her.

He keeps poking her in the arm. AND, she added somewhat indignant, he took her pencil too.


Monday, I asked for an update and she said he didn't poke at her BUT he was shaking her chair. The other kids around her ask him what the heck he's doing and he just shrugs.

And keeps doing it.

Then yesterday? Yesterday they had a group project. And guess who was in her group? THE POKER. His name? Is Chris.

And instead of making his own observations on the experiment they were doing.

He copied her notes.

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Sassy said...

It sounds like he likes her. However, he needs to take his own damn notes.


Glad you aren't working tonight!