Monday, September 8, 2008

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

What an interesting day. Well, that's not to say that everyday at work isn't interesting. Course I try NOT to talk about work here ... you know ... it's just better if I don't.

But there is LOTS to tell.

Today I actually CAN talk about this. Which is most EXCELLENT.

So here we go. My day started as it always does. (just to clarify here, I am talking about 8 AM or 8:05 AM or even 8:10 AM, when I walk through the door at work. I sorted through some work that I am planning on getting done this week. I cleaned out my email, deleting all the obnoxious ASCI Cleanse and Phallic Related Products. I straighted my bosses desk (he was out today) AND one of the guys came in, saying to no one in particular ...

(Course I heard him, as I can hear conversations on the other side of our small office if I really try)

"Is that your dog out there?"

Ummm dog? Being the animal lover (and occasionally not so much animal lover) I am, I went out to see. Apparently the dog had tried to come in but was told a firm "no" at the door.

I go out and take a look out at the walkway and see nothing. I have no idea what kind of dog I am looking for, so I'm not sure if I should prepare myself for a pounce or protect my ankles.

Then I saw her. Little ... mutt ... black and white with black ears that bend at the tip and sort of a Schnauzer whiskery nose. Totally adorable. Looking sad and not sure at all if she is willing to come over to me. Course I got down on my knee and told her "awwww aren't you a gwood widdle girl" "come on". It took some convincing before she got down and looked sort of cowering ... and I kid you not ... she crawled on her belly until she got close enough to me to sniff my hand.

Once we made friends and (I made the executive decision that she could come in ) she came through the door, she went all over the office, smelling every area and making friends. Actually everyone loved her. She has a red collar but no dog license and no identification tag. She has the grey hair too, she is definitely and older dog. My hands were stinky after petting her. But she was just so sweet.

Our office is in a very rural area. Unless she got out of someones truck (not bloodly likely) it would appear she was dropped off. Left. Abandoned.

I could be wrong. But it FEELS like that is the case.

I paged the dog officer. In the Town I work in, there is no phone number, weird. I paged them again. No response. I hear the clicking of dog toes. Looking down for the dog, I find a puddle.


Do I not clean this up ENOUGH at home? Cute dogs PEE LOTS! ... Moving on. The dog hides, her ears droop. Stares at me. I don't yell. Poor thing. I was telling the guys in the office that I called and was waiting to hear back. Then it was suggested that wasn't a good idea. That I'd sentenced her by calling. Ok so that was teasing. BUT I TOTALLY TOOK THE BAIT! Oh the GUILT! Fast forward to returning from lunch. Still no call. (now there's a surprise). I made an inquiry to my own Town. (because I know some peeps in my Town and they at least give me answers) And it was clarified to me that by law the dog is held ten days and then they are turned over for adoption, as long as the animal is non-aggressive. Whew.

Regardless ....

Because I find myself always having to worry in advance about stuff (I don't care what Dr. Phil has to say about that, so you in the back BE QUIET). I was "concerned" about having her go someplace safe. (and YES, I do like duckys and bunnys, what of it?) She was outside by this point (think second puddle) and I put out a bowl of water (you know because what dog WANTS to be thirsty). She wandered a little bit but stayed mostly by the front door. I was thinking she might end up coming home with me? Or perhaps a foster parent *coughjennyjcough* ?

Now ... you know ... I didn't have to worry. A little while later, the head mechanic came in, holding her. It was the end of his shifts and he was headed home. He had seen her in the morning, hanging around and then sitting on the front walk. He has a few dogs already and mentioned that his Mother-In-Law might like her. (He just got married, nice gift, a cute peeing dog) I asked him to get me a picture of her to let the dog officer know what she looks like. Ever the optimist.

Talk about being surprised. And relived.


jenny said...

I find fault with the cute dogs = pee theory. Baxter was adorable. And totally housetrained.

Am very relieved too, that the mechanic stepped up. While I feel bad, I would NEVER have taken her and she'd have ended up in the pound.

Peeing schnauzer type? Even non-peeing schnauzer type...

With friends like you....


Sassy said...

Awww this post made me so happy I just peed a little...


Anonymous said...

If she pees all over the place, I could've given her to my ex wife.

Course, I wouldn't punish the dog that way. The animal one.