Monday, September 15, 2008

Bark At The Moon

I went to visit my daughter's guidance counselor today. With her permission, of course. Well, sort of, she was just waking up this morning when I came bounding in and explained my plan and she grumbled something that sounded like an agreement.

This was all lost in the fact that we were LATE today. I wasn't nice about it and neither was she. Not time for breakfast, hardly any time to pee and we were out the door. I gave her my hair elastic so she didn't look like a bushman. She dressed in black today.

My favorite color. I cut her some slack when I found I forgot to give her lunch money. No breakfast + potentially no lunch = disaster (trust me on this one, we are talking raising the odds on her passing out). I ended up stopping by the school and meeting this woman.

Now, I just have to say, you "know" you are getting old when, your daughter's 9th grad guidance counselor ... looks to be ... in 9th grade herself. (and that super hot sweat handshake, ew)

I did chat with her and she assured me she'd check on my girl. I left happy and gave only a passing thought to the fact that I was wearing my "I'm only wearing black until they make something darker" t-shirt and the fact that my daughter was GOTH today.

I'm all about impressions. Heh.

After that I stopped at the ATM. I find it most annoying that there are never any deposit envelopes (stay with me here, it gets good). I see a guy at the ATM, I see no envelopes and just head in to the tellers. I complain. They get me envelopes. I go back out and the guy is gone. But the ATM? Is beeping frantically with the question ... "Do you need additional time?" YES or NO. Not only did the guy leave (I turned in time to see his truck drive away) he left his ATM card active.

No I didn't make any withdrawals. Sheesh. There are Camera's you know. I will admit I wondered what his balance was (YES, I am nosey) but not enough to risk it. I turned his card in and had a laugh with the tellers at his expense (sorry but, that's SO BAD, it's worth of laughter).

My final stop was to get gas. (hush, keep reading) I've got the pump going and I'm just enjoying the breeze, when a nicely dressed guy comes over. "Excuse me" he says.

Can someone tell me, here, why I can never see this coming? Why I truly believe people when they come up to me? Do I have sucker written on my ass? Can you check? Well, sometimes I really do wonder.

Here's our conversation.

Mig: ~looks in his direction~
Guy: Can you tell me how to get to *insert closest city here*?
Mig: Sure, you can get there two different ways *insert directions*
Guy: ~nods like he's making mental note of my directions when really HE'S FULL OF YOU KNOW WHAT~
Guy: Sounds like you live in this area.
Mig: I do, over in Anytown.
Guy: Do you work in Thistown?
Mig: I do.
Guy: What if I were to tell you (here's where I am an IDIOT) that I am opening a supercoolsuckyoudryofallyourmoney place in *closest city*. Would you be interested in working for me.
Mig: No.
Guy: Why not?
Mig: Because I have ALOT of flexibility where I am right now.
Guy: What do you do for a living?
Mig: (I cannot believe I gave an honest answer, I should have told him I was a Call Girl)
Guy: Well, with that in mind, what if I were tell you I could offer you that same job, pay you more than you are making AND give you flexibility, would you come and work for me?
Mig: No.
Guy: ~shakes his head in disbelief~
Guy: Can I ask you why?
Mig: Because my loyalty is to the owner of the company And not to you.
Guy: Fair enough, well then ... do you have any friends or family members that would be interested in working for me then?
Mig: You're joking right?
Guy: Ummm ... I guess not, well thanks anyway. ~walks back to his car~

What the heck was that all about? Feel free to speculate ... Anyone?

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Sassy said...

I think he wanted your phone number. I also think he could have been a weirdo...