Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Five Days Off At-Nausium

Because I can. There is a synopsis of my five days off. Day by Day.

I had planned for this to be a "do nothing" day and while it wasn't easy for me, I did it. I beat down all those plans to do, do, do and instead I watched TV, read and I might have done a teeny-tiny bit of work. All in all, it was a most excellent and much needed day of ME.

There were many things I had planned to do today but after having one entire "do nothing" day I had the idea in my head, what if I made this entire five days off that way also. (or at least try) So while I did do a few things, like put in paperwork with my Town for a raise this coming fiscal year and get a new dump sticker (I love me some dump), I for the most part did more of nothing. Go me.

There was the carnival in the evening. I took the baby and the kids. Paid $20 per child for a wristbands (which were put to good use because at 12 and 14 they do not care how long they wait in line, as long as they are with their friends and can ignore me) and rode the merry-go-round once with the baby.

The highlight of the evening was the power going out without any warning. One minute it's lit up like Las Vegas and the next, plunged into darkness. I was sitting on a bank with the baby when the lights went out and had to laugh at all the teenagers screaming. I mean really, who wants to be at the top of the zipper when the power goes out? Apparently every teenager. My own kids were jealous because they were standing in line. Go figure.

This was probably the most anticipated long day that, in the end, turned out A-OK. (which always seems to be the way when you agonize over details) The parade? A total blast. I posted a couple pictures in the sidebar but I probably have close to 100 photos of this 1 1/2 hour parade. We were right at the beginning of it so while we didn't see any real good stuff, like the bands playing full songs or routines from the marching bands, we DID get lots and lots and lots of candy. The baby ... LOVED IT. I put down a towel for her and she sat like a good little girl on it the ENTIRE time. Eating tootsie rolls and waving. I was amazed (and exhausted probably from all that worrying about it, heh).

We are definitively hoping to do it again next year.

The after parade party was very low key and ON THE BEACH PEOPLE. The bass player's sister lives right next to a path that takes you down to the OCEAN. I was in awe. (and maybe oozing a little jealousy) The baby isn't into baths or anything water related but SAND, oh how she loves sand. She sat and played and so we sat and played.

It was so much fun. The polar opposite of everything I had worried about. Imagine that.

I couldn't take it anymore. I cleaned my entire house top to bottom. I managed to read an entire Amanda Quick novel too. Heh.

I am sitting here and it's now 1 PM, the baby has gone down for a nap and I don't want to do anything. I could be working in the yard or painting my daughter's bedroom but honestly?

I could get used to this whole "doing nothing" thing.


Anonymous said...

By law, I'm supposed to do nothing.

How did you get away with it?? ;)

Yep, just as I worried and fretted tooo much over the party and wound up havin' a good time.

That's usually how it plays out!

Sassy said...

I love doing nothing. I also love to SLEEP. haha

I'm so glad you had a good time! I'm very proud of you that you took a day to yourself and did nothing!

You go girl..welcome to the do nothing club! lol

How about that baby? She was a little angel, wasn't she?