Thursday, July 3, 2008

How The Day Actually Went

2:30 AM - Thought I heard my son bouncing around in his room, attempting to stay up all night. Went to investigate, found I have an overactive imagination.

3:45 AM - In anticipation of my do nothing day, I cannot sleep!

6:20 AM - Get up, shower, dress. It’s routine and the baby is going to day care so I want to make it look like I am heading to work. (the bedhead might give me away otherwise)

6:25 AM - Pray that when I go to get the baby from her crib, that she doesn’t have a fever or any sort of illness that would prevent her from going to day care.

6:30 AM - No fever. Proceeded with regular business of getting her ready.

7:45 AM - Drop off baby and have mental argument with self about running just a couple errands versus going home and implementing the BIG plan.

7:55 AM - The BIG plan wins. I am home, sitting in bed watching morning TV surfing the net.

9:00 AM - Watching Ellen. Umm it’s not Fall. Repeat. WTF?

9:29 AM - I am not working. REALLY. ~whistles innocently~

10 AM - Wake teenager for orthodontist appointment in 1 hr. Repeat at five minute intervals until she gets her ASS up.

11 AM - Leave with disheveled teenager to sit in waiting room. Wait. Wait. Wait some more. Good news, braces are coming off, for the SECOND time.

1 PM - Lunch at the local diner with the teenager where I get my ear literally talked off (note to self: Soda to a teenager is like truth serum) about friends and upcoming plans.

2 PM - Back to watching mindless TV and alternate with reading.

4 PM - Pick up Baby and head to grocery store (just an FYI, this IS entertainment for the baby)

5 PM - Prepare dinner, entertain baby until bedtime.

8:45 PM - Head out to walk (and I repeat walk) to the fireworks presentation.

8:59 PM - Loose both kids in the crowd.

9:00 PM - PANIC because I cannot find them.

9:02 PM - Realize that they cannot go far and will (more than likely) look for me after the display.

9:15 PM - Be eaten by a swarm of mosquitos.

9:25 PM - Head home with kids.

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Sassy said...

Ok, well..that doesn't sound so bad. lol