Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All Things Not Equal

My attitude is not much better today. I think work is a little overwhelming. I put up the front and make like all is well but all of the compliance stuff I am working on is not easy, when you have no clue what you are doing.

Oh what fun it is to be me.

I'm irked by a friend who is evasive when I attempt to make plans with her. We've know each other since High School and at one time were "best friends". I don't let her run my life anymore and so now we see each other occasionally. (read: not in a long time) I have called and left messages for her. I have sent emails with dates and ideas for plans. Doing so, all but guarantees she won't reply. My husband stopped by her house the other day, he was passing by. He thinks I'm being foolish and I should just stop by like he did. He relayed her message, "call me".

Yeah. Ok.

I feel like there is something I'm missing with her. That there is something to what is going on that I don't get.

Like the other shoe, waiting to fall.

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Sassy said...

I have a situation like that with a friend. I think we have just grown apart. Kind of sucks because best friends are supposed to be there always...aren't they? The truth is, they aren't. Not for me anyways.

Too bad we don't live closer. We'd make plenty of plans!