Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shocking, I know.

Alright, so it's Tuesday. What the heck happen to Monday? Ahhh I was recovering. Not from all the family goodness I posted Sunday but from JOLTS OF ELECTRICITY being shot through my hands with electrodes or something scientific like that.

I can take pain very well. Two of my three children were born with NO DRUGS whatsoever. Not by choice mind you. I was begging six ways to Sunday for any sort of drug that would ease the agony of a watermelon going through a two inch hole (HAHA). To no avail. "I'm sorry honey but you are going to have this baby SOON, it will be fine ~ pats arm~"

Anway, my point. It FUCKING hurt.

It was a test for carpal tunnel. Perhaps you've had it done too? If so let me know your thoughts on this but as the woman who administered the test was super nice about the whole thing and happened to mention I might find it annoying, she was WRONG, I wanted to punch her in the face.

It was beyond annoying.

Then the Neurologist came in. Because really the whole carpal (I just wrote crapal and it really is) tunnel thing is nerve related. As if the shock therapy wasn't enough, this guy did acupuncture with an electrode needle. I still, at this very moment, can't decide which sucked more.

The end result? I DO NOT HAVE CARPAL TUNNEL. Gee, I wish I knew that going into it, I'd of saved myself some serious aggrevation. It is possibly a pinched nerve in my neck, which I don't comprehend. See this whole thing started when my hands ... both hands ... would go to sleep at night (think pins and needles) and WAKE ME UP hurting. That, is not, normal. But my jolting muscles and nerves were within the correct ranges. So now, I get an MRI and maybe an answer.

Does my neck hurt? Nope.

I did get an audience with the Neurologist and while he was administering the whole needle test, I would throw out these nonchalent questions ...

Like oh did I happen to mention I get migraines? Could that be it?

Or, I asked if my vertigo might be somehow related. Yes, I AM that casual about it. And as he jabbed me, he answered all my questions and then asked some of his own. The whole thing ... took a lot longer than it should have ... and .... let's just say I got some interesting looks when the people who came in after me, were still sitting in the waiting room when I left.

So ... just to recap ... what I got out of the whole thing IS, my vertigo isn't anything major, just floaties in my ear canal and my migraines? I have to manage. And the jury is still out on the sleeping hands.


Sassy said...

I have all that crap too! I was supposed to have that test done until my sister (who had it done)told me what to expect.

I cancelled that test.

haha..yeah, I'm a chicken!

Anonymous said...

You're like a walking scientific experiment?? ;)

Hopefully they'll get you figured out soon