Sunday, June 1, 2008

One Week Ago Today

I can't believe how fast times goes by (ok duh!). This is a pictoral recap of our evening, one week ago today. My daughter had suggested we go out for dinner and I said, YES YES AND YES. I am all about not cooking. The baby asked for her seat once we arrived. Which is that a bad thing? That at 20 months she knows she should have her own chair when we dine out? On the way back we stopped at the local grocery store and paid entirely too much for two bundles of wood.

The childrend being forced to not use any sort of electronic device while we hung outside, made use of a bag of soccer related items that was given to me two days prior (the timing of that is unbelievable and at when it was given to me I thought, we will never us it)

There were cones and shirts and several soccer balls. My oldest set out all the cones and made a playing field. I should mention here we live on a postage stamp sized lot. It's all house. So said soccer field was on the small side. The baby tried on a shirt but they were too big.

Here she is dodging the camera. See her smiling. As I said let me take your picture she said "no".

Still trying to get a smile.

Here she watches her brother put on a soccer training ball. It's tethered to his leg. (I should point out here, it's the most exercise either of my oldest kids have had in my presence in what seems like FOREVER)

Action shot (my photography is so bad that the moving ball is not in the picture)

Still no smile for me.

Here's where I get in her face. You will SMILE for me.


Here is a husband sighting. They ARE rare. He's not too bad at fire building either.

Long shot.

I played a few rounds with the kids and got my shins smacked.

I've already posted this one but it's one of my favorites. I wish I had a sister.

Ok, we'll take one with her tongue hanging out.

This is her new "thing". Making it look like she has no lips. She gets us all to do it for her, like the fools that we are. Putty in her hands.

This is the baby in her sister's tree. We planted it when she was three and now, eleven years later, it blesses us with decidious goodness in the form of silver maple tree seeds. (anyone want some? I have three trash bins full and more to go). It does make for a good picture spot.

A boy and his shades.


As I sat by the fire, there was discussion on how this overgrown mess of a shrub needs to go. Not that they have any say, but there was objection.

Apparently, it's name is George Bush (I cannot make this stuff up people) and we cannot take it down. I did point out that this is an election year and since he's not running, it has been voted OUT.

Finally dessert! There was much burning of ...


After we all finally sat by the fire, each of us were given names. I can't remember mine. But the baby's was "little boss". My daughter's was "paeoti" and my son was "silent wind". Not be confused with "breaking wind". Which even at this very moment still cracks me up that I kept calling him that. It was appropriate. And that is all I've got.


Anonymous said...

Daaaang, ya'll stayed outside the whole day??

You have some beautiful children!

Sassy said...

What a beautiful family you have!