Sunday, May 18, 2008

'Saling Highlights

Ok, in true blurry fashion. Here are the highlights to the yard sale I ran a couple weeks ago. This is the building that we use every year. EXCEPT this year I opened the doors and found these bookshelves right smack in the building that already is tiny. We just went with it because everyones crappe was coming regardless ....

Did I mention the blurry part? We were not lacking for toys.

Or knicknacks.

Or clothing.

Or books.

We made a little over $800 that day. I will gloss over the fact that clean up (aka. what didn't sell) was a long and drawn out process to get rid of. But it's done. And as god is my witness may I only be a shopper next year. (HA!)

I put out the word that the baby would like a kitchen playset. This one, went directly from someones truck into my jeep. It's round, its new and it came stocked with plates, cups and food. I'm not sure who loves it more. Her or me.

This too went ... directly from someone's garage to my jeep (who am I to refuse free play kitchen, can you call me a play kitchen whore? Why yes you can.) I had to clean this one. And clean this one some more. It came with spiders only. But it's a favorite and has a nifty high chair for the baby.

Notice how she's feasting on lucky charms and milk? Oh and she's NAKED. Thats the status quo for all babies. Clothing is offensive, go figure.

This is a doll carriage that I am having a hard time convincing the baby that she cannot ride in it. Who can blame her, it looks like so much fun.

This purple bag was pointed out to me by the mom who brought it. She told me how its great to keep toys handy in the car. I found it was handy for books on the coffee table. I positively love it!

What house would be complete without a monkey flashlight. Think about it.

And who can pass up the Princess Pink Teddy Bear. Certainly not me.

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Amy said...

I love it all!! I wish I could have gone and browsed through it all with you!! Fun stuff for baby!! (When you think about it, isn't it amazing how much stuff we buy for our little kids?!) Wow!! But you get to benefit and get all the good stuff for cheap (or FREE!!) Can't beat that!