Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Weekend Is For ....

.... resting (thank you slick for pointing that out)

.... raking up stray leaves and trash (hey, I live by a convenient store, where it is convenient to throw stuff out the window that blows into my yard)

.... doing five loads of laundry (bite me!)

.... catching up on work (yes, I am that dull)

.... making a mixed CD of various artists for boot camp at 5 AM tomorrow (think Ozzy to Barenaked Ladies)

.... shopping for jeans with my man (is it sad that I just know what his waist size is?)

.... walking the dog (sorry to all the neighbors whose lawn she pooped on, I do not carry a baggie, EVER)

.... trying on pre-baby capri jeans that FIT (last time I tried them on, I cried when they wouldn't go over my hips)

.... reading and finishing a 354 page book (Joe Hill, Heart Shaped Box, Horror, EXCELLENT)

.... catching the finale of Rock Of Love II (ducks head)


Amy said...

Rest!! Glorious rest!!

Laundry - ew, but I have some to do as well (it's gonna have to wait).

but the dog poop, ya gotta clean it up, girl!!! That's just gross!!

Oh, but fitting into pre-baby jeans? ROCKS!! You deserve it - you've worked soooo hard!!

Holly said...

WOW, you had a BUSY weekend! CONGRATS on the capri's, that friggin ROCKS! You've worked hard lady and I'm very proud of you!

And Rock of Love II.....OMG, I'm hoping and praying he doesn't choose Daisy, but I have a feeling he will! We'll know in just a few minutes, won't we?

Sassy said...

You wear me out just reading your blog!