Monday, April 21, 2008

Tidbits O' Weekend

It costs $15 to dispose of a box spring. It also costs $15 to dispose of a mattress. That is to assure that out of the $40 withdrawl I made, I will only have $10 for weekend spending.

Getting back to a daily walk around the block with my corgi. Is an excellent idea.

The front stairs leading up to our mailbox? A total hazard. Hopefully they will make it to Thursday (man's day off) when the boxes can be moved to a location at the bottom of the stairs.

Weeds are growing ALREADY.

How hard can edging be?

The movie, LARS and the Real Girl, is unusual but well worth watching.

Planning for a trip across your state and forgetting to pack a single essential item, WILL result in your having to purchase a single baby bottle and a quart of milk.

Expecting an 18-month old to ride nicely in the car at two hours stretches is just WRONG. It's cruel not only to the baby but to those who are riding in the car with her (Note To Self: Remember this fact).

Singing the praises of your GPS Tom Tom to your father because he always gets lost, will only result in them following you to go home but since you didn't program the GPS to begin with, when y ou program it yourself it will avoid any toll roads. Resulting in a 30 mile scenic ride in the dark.

Frustrating you, your son, the baby, you call your husband and share the stress with him by doing all of the following a) whining about how you need to get on the highway NOW b) make him google a map that will confirm you will indeed run into the toll road the GPS is avoiding for you and c) call him enough time to send him over the edge.

Marriage is about sharing.

Contributing to your children's future therapy, isn't a pretty sight. You might want to rethink that.

Watching a three month-old being baptized by extremely proud parents. Does make it all worthwhile.

I think.


Holly said...

Marriage is DEFINITELY all about the sharing...LOL!

I'm glad your trip went safely, but sorry about the frustrations!

Sassy said...

I really should get baptized..

Amy said...

So when LM and I get baptized (maybe as soon as next month) will you shlepp across the country with the baby and others in tow?!?! No?!? WHAT!?!

Okay, so maybe I understand all the reasons why not, but still.

I think maybe just maybe you're glad it's Monday!?