Monday, March 3, 2008

Sick - Part Deux

Is it wrong to exaggerate your cold symptoms in order to evoke sympathy from members of your committee so they take pity on you, and adjourn.

Because I would NEVER do that ~blink blink~

I don't feel that horrible today. I do sound terrible, which I have to say has gotten me out of a few things today. Not that I was trying. Lalalalalala

At any rate, I am happy to be home and even happier that I have the day off tomorrow. Dudes, my girl is turning Fourteen tomorrow.

It scares the crap out of me.

We had a nice conversation yesterday as we came back from shopping. We were talking about friendships and how you have to be careful when you trust your friends because, sometimes (and I do mean sometimes) they are not who you think they are.

I did not use EBF as an example. Mainly because ... I didn't want to, it's too soon for her to know what really went down. I think she has some idea but really she has just the tip of a mammoth iceberg.


I've got plenty of stories to choose from, then to use that one. I choose the story of being set up on a blind date by a friend of mine. We had been friends for about a year. We were Juniors In High School. We had tons of fun together, chasing boys and doing foolish stuff. So when her then boyfriend had a friend for me, I figured win win.

The guy seemed nice. But he really wasn't my type. At that age I liked bad-boys. The kind that wore leather jackets and had long hair. They had their own vehicle (even if they did break down in the most secluded spots). We just didn't click. But we did hang out and while my friend and her boyfriend were making out in the car, we sat outside smoking butts. With him trying his hardest to score with me. (Stats: Him - ZERO, Me - 1,000)

The next day, my friend asked me what I thought of the guy. I was honest with her and said there wasn't any attraction on my part (clearly). She asked if he came onto me. I said yes (like any other guy at that age). Then she asked if he, you know, really came onto me. Which he did. Thankfully he did take no as an answer.

Then she tells me this.

Well he just got out of prison so he was probably horny (then she laughed).

Yeah. Totally True. Story. She was no longer my friend after that. She may of thought she was my friend but I just let her drift away.

So I shared this story with my girl. I censored the coming onto me part to something age appropriate. But she got the point. We then talked about her current friends and who she feels she can trust and who she is unsure of.

I think she's got a handle on it. I did tell her that she will make mistakes and that she will learn and continue to learn, even as she gets older who her real friends are.

She said "just like you Mom."

Yes honey, just like me.


jenny said...

talk about a bad ex-con???

friendship can be such a minefield, can't it? I don't envy her those teenage years...hopefully she has a few best friends she can really count on.

Amy said...

Oh so very true, so very true. I had been best of friends with a girl for several years when we finally came to a crossroad in high school. She was hanging with kids I didn't like and doing things I didn't like and I had to finally say to her that I didn't want to go down that road. She was really mad at me for awhile, but ya know, ya move on, you grow and you make friends that you're better suited for.

I wish the girl the happiest of all birthdays, one she remembers with sweet memories for a lifetime. I wish you, too, an incredible day. Afterall, fourteen years ago, this was a big day for you, too!!

Sarah Louise said...