Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's a Rush

Literally. Rush here. Rush there. Errands during lunch, errands after work. Night work. It's been busy. It's only Wednesday.

It's got to get better right? That's what I keep saying in my head anyway.

So the baby is growing up and leaving behind that cute little adorable phase and entering into the have a fit whenever she is not understood or doesn't get what she wants. By fit I mean scream and cry at the top of her little lungs for 10+ minute stretches.

I don't have enough xanax for this. I may need earplugs.

My day job is about to go full tilt and I'm not ready YET. The drop-dead date is April 3rd (ummm hello NEXT WEEK) and my to-do list is looooong. (but if you are my boss and reading this, don't you worry one bit, it will get done, heh) The latest thing we have going on is implementing this. It would be for new hires only, right now. But I am the one administering the test and I have to bring in another person on our management team to witness it being administered.

I can only imagine the scenarios that are going to come from this change in procedure. Have I mentioned how I worry in advance?

I spent three hours of my life last night attending a "hearing" that relates to this Controversial Group that I'm involved with. It ultimately has to do with a c.a.s.i.n.o. coming to our town and there are many against it. The state I live in doesn't allow this but it's an Indian T.r.i.b.e applying for recognition on a federal level which circumvents the state. All that isn't really key, just a bit of history for you. Last night's meeting allowed anyone and everyone to comment for three minutes and have it become part of the public record. While it was a long night, I couldn't leave my seat, I was enthralled I guess. (which how freaking sad is that, you in the back HUSH!)

There were t.r.i.b.a.l. leaders there. From other t.r.i.b.e.s. I didn't realize that until one of them got up and said this ~

"Destroying trees, the four-legged, the winged-ones, all the creatures that will be destroyed if they build a casino is not the native way," "I have spoken to the spirits of the ancestors who said that building a casino and destroying the land was not the Indian way and if the T.r.i.b.e. goes ahead, there will be a war between the T.r.i.b.e.s. "

I got chills, the words he spoke (are probably not exactly as I quoted them) were in the same mono-tone. This man did not need to raise his voice, his point was clear.

As I sat and listened. I realized something. For all the times I want to quit this Committee (and I do mean "times" because I am often ready to walk away because I feel I am wasting my precious time) it's moments like that ...

That make me realize, I am participating in history in the making.


Sassy said...

Yes you are. Keep on participating!

Amy said...

Wow. That kinda puts it all into perspective, doesn't it. Yow.Za.

Yeah, ya gotta stay on the committee, if for only our sake now. We're living vicariously through you!!