Thursday, March 20, 2008


My poor baby. Here eyes are glassy and her forehead is hot. She spent the night in my bed and I spent the night alternating between dodging feet and feeling her back for a spike in her steady fever.

My shirt is speckled with boogies and my chest has become the favorite stopping ground for a nap. It's been 24 hours now and I am ready for it to get better. to stop. to go away.

The doctor tells me its viral. He did prescribe antibiotics for red ear canals. I'll take it. I'll take anything that will add comfort to the uncomfortable.

I just bought an ear thermometer today. I figured it's an investment for the future. In a way it's good to know but now I'm obsessed. I take it before the Tylenol. I take it after. I've taken it so much in the last few hours that the baby just tilts her head so her ear pokes up and I can reach it easily. The readings vary between 100.9 to 102.3

Oh the worry.


Amy said...

Ya goober, I would have sent you mine. I think I've used it oh, never, since the boy was able to talk.

I'm so sorry for the itty, and I'm so sorry for you. Prayers that it is short lived and she's back to her smiling little self soon!

Holly said...

Poor little pumpkin! I hope she gets better FAST! I used to go through fevers with brat gurl that would make most parents run in horror! The highest one she ever had was 106.9, and yes, we already were in the hospital when that one hit, thank God! The highest one at home was 105.2. Thankfully, she seems to have out grown those horrible high fevers!

Sassy said...