Thursday, February 21, 2008

So Annoying ....

Today, was a major arm workout day at bootcamp. There isn't a muscle in my fingers, hands, wrists and forearms that doesn't hurt.

Thankfully tomorrow is the last day. I only have one more 5 AM wake-up, which makes me very happy (I say that now but come 5 AM tomorrow I'll be cranky)

Vertigo. It's not pretty and if I think that I can tilt my head a little down and to the right without making the world spin I am mistaken.

The medicine I take to counter-act the vertigo makes me unbelievably tired. Several times today I could of fallen asleep right in the spot I was sitting in.

I can switch my hours from 9-5 to 8-4. Coordinating this with daycare will result in a delay so while at work I can do this immediately. With daycare I have to wait until Monday.

That all three family members were home today while I was working. And none of them offered to make dinner tonight (they all can cook something). Choosing instead to wait it out until at 7 PM I reluctantly made bacon and eggs. Slamming cabinets while insisting that I was "FINE".

The dog whining constantly amid all the usual hustle in the house. I know she is spending huge amounts of time in her crate and doesn't realize it's only until the baby is old enough to not provoke biting. But it's like freaking nails on a chalkboard these days. I wish there was a better solution.

Not having enough sleep. Which reminds me ...

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