Sunday, February 10, 2008

Never To Old To Want To Belong

I wasn't the popular girl in High School. Actually I spent many days of my youth trying to just blend in. Because I'm not one to just go along to fit in, I probably stood out more. Some days I would hide out in the girls room because I had no one to eat lunch with. (okay more like every day)

Needless to say I'm glad High School is over. But that "want" never really goes away. In every job I have ever held there has been some group that I've wanted to be accepted into. Honestly, not with any real chance of doing so. (mostly because I'm really a huge dork) I always felt that once I left the conversation, I became the topic.

Working for my Town is no different. There is a group of women, that for years now, I have wanted to be a part of. I think if you met them, you'd think I was nuts. I mean why on earth would I want to get to know any of them. They are at least twenty years older than me and any past attempts I may of made to sit with them during annual meetings were a joke. (in my opinion) It was more like I was sitting in their vicinity. Picture a puppy trying to wrangle its way into a pack of uninterested dogs.

I didn't give up though. Now that I'm older, I know that life has ways of presenting opportunites for things like this. You just need to be paitent. Wait your turn.

I got my chance in a way I had never expected.

I joined this controversial committee and one of the ladies was on it. As her and I got to know each other and as we both worked for the same cause, that door that I wanted to open - did. With came an understanding of where these woman stand on Town politics. Holding the same views as myself.

This past weekend I was invited to a breakfast birthday party. I was honored to be invited. I went and was teased for being the youngest. I didn't mind in the least bit. It was nice to share in the moment ...

And know that if there was discussion about me after I left ... it was all good.

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