Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In The Closet

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day. She was droning (and I do mean droning) on and on about those silly space pages that all the kids have these days.

Well kids, adults, teenagers, bands, pedophiles, etc.

What? I'm sure there are plenty of bloggers that have those pages. I am not one one of them. I say that proudly.

I am not about flashing roses and hearts twinkling with "have a nice day" messages attached to them. I am not about little smiley faces that can be changed to reflect my mood. I am not about having one million ja-gillion friends.

My friend? Totally is. She first did it under the guise of wanting to monitor her daughter. A completely valid reason. But now, her "page" is filled with all the typical stuff PLUS a continuous feed of pictures of herself partying.

~insert retching noises~

Ok, while it's not my cup of tea (what am I? my mother ... cup of tea? SHUT UP) I am the ever supportive friend that she has this. AND my man has one for his band, so there's that too.

But when you spend a good thirty minutes of your visit with me, telling me all the different reasons why I should have one, I am going to laugh at you and call you CRAZY.

Which I did. to her.

What I did not do was tell her I have a blog. It was on the tip of my tongue. It danced around in my mouth for a bit ... but it did not come out. I could of just said it. I could of just talked about how I AM a writer (oh, OK, I'd like to be a writer) and how I AM a reader and enjoy visiting and commenting everywhere I can.

But I didn't. There are times when I mention it. Like when I'm telling the story of my boss and how he found my first blog .... and my second ... and how I'm now here, profile protected. There are times when I have come close to giving the address out and letting people I know in real life read. I stop myself.

It comes down to not wanting to be censored. Although if I end up moving to YET ANOTHER place then I might just tell the world.

So I said nothing. And she ....

Seemed like she was expecting me to say it.

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Amy said...

As if I don't laugh enough just reading your posts, it's the "file under" statement that gets me truly rolling.

Oh, and I'm myspace-less, too. And proud.

My latest hurdle? That LM wants a blog. Um, NO.