Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here I Am

Ready for work. Joy!

I think the hardest part about the whole vacation thing is going back to work. I mean really there are oodles and oodles (did I just write that?) of stuff I could be doing and instead ...

I'm packing my work bag and lunch for the baby.

Stupid not winning the lottery because I don't play. Why o' why doesn't publishers clearing house EVER find my door. (again because I don't play)

Oh well, time to move back to reality, you know, with the people who work for a living.

This week is a vacation week for my school age kids. I venture to say I never truly appreciated my vacation weeks when I was their age. I was too busy sleeping, watching TV or begging my Mom to take me to the mall.

My kids do pretty much the same thing, except TV is exchanged for You Tube, where they can search and watch the most bizarre stuff. Last night I was subjected to five minute stretches of Harry Potter Puppets. My daughter insisted I see it because I'm a Potter fan. Except in this skit its all about swear words. Well, that got my attention. We had an episode of Dennis Leary a few weeks back and his wonderful song ... a$$hole. Which BTW, cracked my kids up to no end. I mean really what better way to drive your mom to the brink of insanity by chanting ....

A ~ $ ~ $ .... H ~ O ~ L ~ E

This one was pretty tame and most of it involved lots of beeping.

So today I am leaving the kids home by themselves. They will be alone for the rest of the week. My husband just got a job outside of the house. They will be left to their own devices.

I thought about hiding all the snacks. Then I re-thought that and set aside some snacks for myself. Let them just eat through everything and by Friday they can duke it out over the last of cheerios.

As if ... they even ate cheerios. (I hear there just isnt enough sugar in them)

I will be worrying about what they are doing. We just set my daughter up with a cell phone. Oh QUIT with the eyerolling already. She isn't even going to carry it around because she's afraid someone will steal it (her idea, not mine). So I can drive her crazy calling her and asking her what she is doing and remind her that sitting on her brother's head is not nice.

I may even pop in for surprise visits. Or I might just leave them alone.

I haven't decided yet.

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Sassy said...


Yeah, vacation is great until you have to go back.

I'm sure your kids are glad you are going back to work! :p